Alex Verdugo first… Juan Soto next? Yankees and Red Sox complete just their seventh trade in 50 YEARS with New York ‘now set to step up efforts to bring Padres star to the Big Apple’

The New York Yankees traded for Alex Verdugo from the Boston Red Sox, with both sides completing just their seventh trade in 50 years.

The Yankees receive an outfielder in exchange for Greg Weissert, Richard Fitts and Nicholas Giudice.

And the move isn’t expected to mean the end of Yankee Stadium’s hopes of attracting Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres.

There were multiple reports Tuesday night that they were still pursuing the left-hander.

The Yankees urgently need left-handed options, and Verdugo is one of them, but they hope Soto ends up being another.

SNY reported that talks between the Padres and Yankees regarding Soto could resume this week after previously stalling.