Buffalo Bills fan in a Josh Allen jersey goes INSANE in wild McDonald’s fight – as viral clip shows him throwing a chair at man who had barked in his face and threatened: ‘I will bite you’

  • A wild scene took place at one of two McDonald’s restaurants in Truro, Canada.
  • It is unclear whether police intervened or whether any arrests were made after the incident.
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A Buffalo Bills fan wearing a Josh Allen jersey lost his mind during a fight at a McDonald’s in Canada as a viral video on social media showed him throwing a chair at another customer who barked in his face and threatened to bite him.

A wild scene occurred in Truro, Nova Scotia, after a man wearing a jacket and hat became angry with a Golden Arches employee over a toy in his Happy Meal.

Footage taken inside one of two McDonald’s restaurants in a small town north of the border shows a man threatening to sue the international fast food chain simply because he was unable to receive Pokemon cards with his order.

He also demanded the money back. The same guy and the manager continued to argue for a while before an Allen fan intervened and walked up to the counter to order food.

But when the man in the jacket didn’t back down from his argument to change his children’s menu item, both men got angry at each other.

The man complaining about his order turned around at one point while he was being filmed.

Before a fight broke out, a guy wearing Allen's T-shirt warned the other man,

A man in a hat and jacket argued with a McDonald’s manager over his Happy Meal toy.

A fight broke out between both men in front of other Golden Arches customers and employees.

A fight broke out between both men in front of other Golden Arches customers and employees.

“Dude,” said an Allen fan. “I’ll knock the hell out of you.”

After exchanging nothing but pleasantries for just a few seconds, the Bills supporter eventually threw a punch and then a fight ensued.

The guys fought for a minute, and there was even a painful hold in sight.

Moreover, at some point, the man wearing Allen’s No. 17 jersey developed a bite mark on his forehead.

When the guys eventually stopped attacking each other, the Bills fan appeared to be bleeding from his eye area.

However, the fight didn’t end there… both men got into another verbal altercation before an Allen fan threw a chair at his opponent. He then took the guy’s backpack and ran out of the building.

It is unclear if any arrests have been made since the incident.