Hunter Biden’s lawyer insists tax fraud charges were a SHOCK, says he was indicted because his ‘last name is Biden’ and Republicans ‘can’t get a shred of evidence’ on Joe so they are going after his son

  • Abby Lowell’s lawyer asked how a failed plea deal led to 9 tax charges
  • He cited “political pressure from Republicans” and said he was denied the opportunity to refute
  • The indictment says he spent $188,960 on “Adult Entertainment” and failed to pay taxes.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbey Lowell said he was stunned by his client’s indictment last week on tax charges, saying prosecutors rejected his requests for a meeting and accused them of bowing to outside political pressure.

Lowell was in a Wilmington courtroom when a previous plea deal that would have avoided two misdemeanor tax charges and avoided a separate weapons charge through a “diversion” agreement collapsed.

On Monday, he railed against special prosecutor David Weiss’ new nine-count indictment and revived a tangle of damaging information about spending vast sums of money on prostitutes, luxury cars, adult entertainment and luxury hotels. even though he doesn’t pay his taxes on time.

“And as for the mounting allegations, people just have to ask the question: What changed from June to December other than political pressure from Republicans?” Lowell asked on MSNBC.

Hunter Biden's lawyer Abbey Lowell said critics were trying to

Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbey Lowell said critics were trying to “smear” the president’s son to get to President Joe Biden.

After the deal fell through, Weiss asked for a special prosecutor, and House Republicans accused Hunter of cutting a “sweetheart deal” that would have allowed him to avoid prison time and provide possible immunity from other charges.

Lowell also pointed to Hunter’s addiction as the root of the problem. Hunter wrote at length about his struggles in his memoirs. Prosecutors cited book income and millions in other income to prove he was able to pay taxes. Federal authorities have been investigating the president’s son since 2018.

“And given all the problems that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has known about for five years, what happened with his lateness, when he was, as everyone knows, at the bottom of his crack cocaine addiction – which explains a lot of his misdeeds. — and also finds out whether he was in what they call a pattern, as opposed to the boring part of addiction. That’s what’s happening,” Lowell said.

Lowell spoke days after Hunter Biden's stunning nine-count indictment on tax charges was revealed.

Lowell spoke days after Hunter Biden’s stunning nine-count indictment on tax charges was revealed.

Hunter Biden's indictment comes as President Biden's approval ratings are low and polls show him trailing Donald Trump in head-to-head matchups.

Hunter Biden’s indictment comes as President Biden’s approval ratings are low and polls show him trailing Donald Trump in head-to-head matchups.

During the interview, Lowell held a copy of the two-page agreement, which fell apart (his lawyers and prosecutors had difficulty agreeing in court on how far it extended), as well as the 56-page indictment prosecutors received from the grand jury.

“What happened between this and this? Not a change in the facts, not a change in the law, but the enormous pressure that was applied by Republicans, starting with former President Trump and the House committee chairmen, to do something more. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work, but that’s how it’s worked so far,” he said.

He also repeated his accusation that Hunter received special disadvantage because of his name.

“That’s because his last name is Biden. It’s not like they were chasing some distant relative. that’s because he’s the son of a president named Biden,” Lowell said.

He said the Republicanstried and tried to say that President Biden did something wrong. They can’t find a shred of evidence because there isn’t any.

They’re “essentially saying, ‘Okay, I can’t get through to the president, so I’m going to embarrass his son by suggesting there’s something going on between the two of them.’ That’s what makes it different.”

The indictment also points to some possible benefits of the Hunter name. It says he earned millions of dollars while serving on the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy company and other companies. According to the indictment, his annual salary at Burisma dropped from $1 million to $500,000 two months after his father left his post as vice president.