Sainsbury’s drops the price of a Freddo to its original price of 10p to celebrate 200 years of Cadbury



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Freddo briefly returns to its original price of 10p as Sainsbury’s celebrates 200 years of Cadbury.

The supermarket’s Nectar customers can this week save big on popular products from the leading British chocolatier.

The promotion includes significant savings of up to 60 per cent on fan favourites, including the popular Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Milk Tray.

Sainsbury’s shoppers can take advantage of the sensational prince cuts if they’ve got a Nectar card, which will give them access to savings across selected products from 17-23. April.

The offers will be available both in store and online, with Freddos once again costing 10p, while the trusty 110g bar of Dairy Milk costs just £1.

A Freddo chocolate bar (pictured) is on sale for just 10p this week - but only if you have a Nectar card for Sainsbury's

A Freddo chocolate bar (pictured) is on sale for just 10p this week – but only if you have a Nectar card for Sainsbury’s

There is also 20 per cent off Cadbury Fudge multipacks and more than 50 per cent off milk trays, which will cost £3.00 with Nectar Prices.

Further Cadbury favorites will have further savings of up to a third until May 7 with Nectar prices.


1994 – Freddo relaunched in the UK costing 10p

2007 – After 13 years, the price is raised for the first time to 15p

2010 – The price rose again just three years later to 17p

2011 – But a year later it rose again to 20p

2014 – Outrage as Freddo prices rise to 25p per bar

March 2017 – Freddo price raised to 30p

March 2018 – Freddo cost 25p again

Further cuts include over 30 per cent off Cadbury Mini Roll Cakes, plus over 15 per cent off Cadbury Flakes and Curly Wurlys, to name a few.

Rachel Clark, grocery director for Sainsbury’s said: ‘We are delighted to celebrate such an iconic moment for Cadbury and its milestone of 200 years as a beloved chocolate brand.

“We know our customers love Cadbury so we’re delighted to be able to offer market leading prices on selected Cadbury products with savings of up to 60 per cent with Nectar Prices!”

All existing Nectar customers need to do to take advantage of Nectar prices is scan their app or swipe their card at checkout to get the savings.

Customers shopping online will have their discounts applied automatically if their Nectar and Sainsbury accounts are linked.

This comes after an heir to the Cadbury dynasty revealed how he created his own £14m chocolate business without a penny of the £4.6bn fortune his family created.

James Cadbury was the target of playground taunts as ‘Curly Wurly’ when he was a child because of his surname, but now he has had the last laugh after following in the footsteps of one of his ancestors.

The 37-year-old’s great-great-grandfather John Cadbury founded the family business in 1824 and it has since gone from strength to strength to become the most popular chocolate brand in Britain.

However, because of his family’s Quaker traditions and philanthropy, James has not benefited from the multi-billion pound company that dominates confectionery in Britain today.

A Sainsbury's superstore located in Craigleith Retail Park in Edinburgh, Scotland (stock photo)

A Sainsbury's superstore located in Craigleith Retail Park in Edinburgh, Scotland (stock photo)

A Sainsbury’s superstore located in Craigleith Retail Park in Edinburgh, Scotland (stock photo)

That hasn’t stopped him venturing into the world of chocolate, and he’s now established his own successful business through his own hard work – even rebuffing the advances of admirers from Dragon’s Den.

Talking to The sunJames revealed a passion for chocolate and his family’s history led him to create Love Cocoa, a confectionery company that plants a tree for every bar sold.

The chocolatier took a circuitous route to business success because, despite growing up five miles from the Bourneville factory where the now American-owned Cadbury still makes its products, he had no shares in the company.

James initially went to work for a pension fund, but after seven years in finance he decided he wasn’t cut out for it and switched to something closer to home.

After going on garden leave, he set up Love Cocoa with a £25,000 Virgin StartUp loan, backing this up with £25,000 of his own savings.

Currently exporting to more than 10 countries, he has already planted over 1.6 million trees as he takes his family’s chocolate-making history to the next level.

Revealed: Sainsbury’s price cuts on Cadbury treats

Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Chocolate Bar (18g) – now 10p (25p without Nectar card)

Cadbury Dairy Milk (110g) – now £1 (£1.65 without Nectar Card)

Cadbury Fudge Chocolate Bar Multipack (x5 110g) – Now £1 (£1.25 without Nectar Card)

Cadbury Milk Tray (360g) – Now £3 (£6.50 without Nectar Card)

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers (114g) – now £1 (£1.75 without Nectar card)

Cadbury Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar Multipack (x5 107.5g) – Now £1 (£1.25 without Nectar Card)

Cadbury Flake Chocolate Bar Multipack (x4 102g) – now £1.50 (£1.85 without Nectar card)

Cadbury Chocolate Mini Rolls Cakes x5 – now £1.50 (£2.35 without Nectar card)