Steph McGovern opens last ever episode of Packed Lunch with emotional speech after Channel 4 axed the show to cut costs

Steph McGovern opened the latest episode of Steph’s Packed Lunch with an emotional speech.

The Channel 4 daytime show was axed after three years amid a slew of cancellations as the broadcaster reportedly struggled to cut costs amid financial troubles.

Opening the episode with her colleagues gathered around her, Steph said: “Today is our last show, so everyone is here. Today is a real family affair.

It’s very nice that you are all here and everyone is watching at home. One of the reasons I loved doing this show is because it’s up north. We can talk about all the creative things the north has to offer.

“It was amazing to broadcast live from Leeds every day. We’ve talked a lot about the north/south divide, whether it actually exists, what it means for jobs, transport and wealth, and a lot of it is so London-centric. I want to glorify the north today.”

Steph McGovern opened the latest episode of Steph's Packed Lunch with an emotional speech.

Steph McGovern opened the latest episode of Steph’s Packed Lunch with an emotional speech.

Steph’s packed lunch began in 2020 when the presenter hosted the show from her living room during lockdown.

In October, it was confirmed that Channel 4 had decided not to renew the show for another series and would allow it to end in December.

The statement said: “With audience habits changing faster than ever, we are having to make difficult decisions about which programs to invest in to best deliver on our digital-first strategy, and we have decided not to reopen Steph’s Packed Lunch when her existing production contract ends in December 2023.

“We remain committed to our mission to elevate the TV industry outside London and achieve our target of 50% of the TV industry outside London.

“We will be reinvesting the budget previously allocated to Steph’s Lunch Pack into production in other countries and regions.”

A spokesman for producers Expectation and Can Can told MailOnline: “We’ve had over three fantastic years producing Steph’s Packed Lunch together and working with the brilliant Steph McGovern and an outstanding family of on-screen talent. We are very disappointed that, despite building a loyal audience, we are unable to continue to brighten up 12-2 on Channel 4.

“Four years ago there was no live TV community in Leeds and it has been a privilege to build a team that includes some of the brightest and most insightful TV producers in the country.”