‘They will even shoot me’: Elderly Gazan citizen risks her life to speak out against Hamas as she claims ‘all aid goes underground’ and is not reaching those in need

A fearless elderly woman in the Gaza Strip has risked her life to speak out against Hamas as some brave Palestinians call for the terrorists’ downfall.

The footage shows the brave Palestinian woman wagging her finger at a reporter and telling him that their humanitarian aid was stolen by the militant regime.

She decided to tell the world about their crimes, despite fears that extremists would “even shoot me” because of my origins.

Other residents of the war-ravaged area say militants are stealing their food, looting their homes and luring Israelis into attacking civilians.

The Israel Defense Forces said they discovered weapons hidden in classrooms as they continued to shell the Gaza Strip and destroy tunnels through the strip yesterday.

But while Israel faces criticism for its deadly bombing, some Palestinians are beginning to speak out against the evil Hamas regime.

An elderly woman wearing a headscarf was seen scolding an Al Jazeera reporter who suggested help was not reaching her because of the “complicated” situation.

Other Palestinians also spoke out last night, claiming Hamas had looted their homes and lured Israeli bombing into civilian areas.

Other Palestinians also spoke out last night, claiming Hamas had looted their homes and lured Israeli bombing into civilian areas.

She told him: “All the help goes underground. Help does not reach the nation and all the people.

“A lot is coming. What comes is not much, and it is distributed – that’s what they say.”

As the reporter again tries to suggest that the situation is “complicated”, she wags her finger in front of a crowd of Palestinians.

She says: “Everything goes to their homes. They will take it, they will even shoot me and do whatever they want to me, Hamas.”

Another young Palestinian mother also accused Hamas of stealing their food. Seeing her holding her small child, she told a reporter that she wanted the message to “reach every country in the world.”

She said: “You send us humanitarian aid, but I swear to God, we receive nothing. Only if we chase them down and beg them. They mock us when we ask. They humiliate us.”

The woman said terrorists were “using us” and said, “May God take revenge on them.”

It comes after a Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip spoke to the Mail on Sunday on condition of anonymity, saying people in the territory want Hamas to fall.

“This is the common dream of Gazans,” said the married 33-year-old father of two, who spoke as part of a project by the Center for Peaceful Communications to hear the voices of opponents of the regime in Gaza.

He said that despite constant bombing by Israel, “we are afraid of most of Hamas” as the group monitors social media for dissent.

“I heard that they took people and executed them,” he said. “They will accuse anyone of being an agent and disappear.”

The father said his brother was killed by Hamas militants when it seized power in 2007, as the group rounded up political opponents and killed or jailed them.

The Israeli military said it was fighting

The Israeli military said it was fighting “house to house” and carried out lightning raids in an attempt to free dozens of Israeli hostages.

He claims that after the war began, his area was sacked after all civilians were evacuated to the south.

“My house was completely cleaned. Not just my house, the whole neighborhood,” he said.

“Who can steal all these things? They need cars and trucks to move all these materials, all the food and money out of the house. There is no Israeli army in the area, so the only party that can be held responsible is Hamas.”

He also said that al-Qassam, the terrorists’ military wing, is luring IDF bombs to civilian shelters and hospitals.

He said they walk on hospital rooftops and visit schools, where families hide “for a short time” and then “disappear.” He said: “It’s like telling Israel, ‘Come and bomb this place.’ ‘

It comes after a wounded Palestinian at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital last month told an Al Jazeera reporter that Hamas was hiding among the patients.

He said: “They come and hide among people. Why do they hide among people? They can go to hell and hide there.”

Yesterday it was reported that about 900 wounded and sick Palestinians were left lying on the blood-stained floor of the European Hospital in Khan Yunis.

Two ambulance crew members and a civilian were injured when a plane struck an ambulance in nearby al-Fukhari.

The southern region suffered some of the heaviest bombing in recent days.