Travis Kelce ‘might be almost done’, claims unnamed GM from rival NFL team as ‘his body is not recovering’ later in the season – after Taylor Swift’s boyfriend made retirement hint in an interview

Travis Kelce’s career could be all but over, an unnamed NFL general manager said.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end suffered his second loss on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, a loss that came just weeks after he hinted at a possible retirement.

“Funny you should say that,” the unnamed CEO said. Athletic. “I watched him run in the Hail Mary game (against Green Bay) and thought he might be almost done. I say I understand that this year has been productive at times.

“But you know what the first sign of decline is for a player like Travis Kelce? That at the end of the season he is no longer the same player. This means his body is not recovering.”

Kelce has spent the last decade cementing his reputation as arguably the greatest tight end in history, most recently becoming the fastest player ever to reach 11,000 yards (154 games).

Travis Kelce's career could be almost over, unnamed NFL general manager says

Travis Kelce’s career could be almost over, unnamed NFL general manager says

But at 34, the NFL veteran hinted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal last month that retirement could soon be a reality.

“That’s the one thing I’ve never talked about openly: discomfort. Pain he spoke about the injuries he has suffered over the years.

“Long-term injuries – 10 surgeries I’ve had, and I can still feel every surgery.”