Vikings star Camryn Bynum performs the worm dance after touchdown vs. the Lions… only for the officials to rule an incomplete pass by Jared Goff

  • On Christmas Eve, the Minnesota Vikings faced the Detroit Lions.
  • Lions QB Jared Goff avoided a potential error in the second quarter.
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Vikings safety Camryn Bynum was left red-faced Sunday after he fumbled and raced into the end zone against the Lions.

The 25-year-old thought he had scored a vital touchdown for Minnesota after Detroit quarterback Jared Goff was tackled on a pass attempt.

Goff dropped the ball and was picked up by Bynum, who took off the ball and then celebrated the touchdown with a worm in the end zone.

Unfortunately for safety, the officials took another look at the play and ruled that it was in fact an incomplete pass and not an error.

This meant Goff was granted a reprieve and Bynum’s extravagant celebration was in vain.

Vikings safety Camryn Bynum

Bynum performs a worm after collecting a fumble.

Vikings defensive back Camryn Bynum uses a worm after collecting a fumble against Detroit.

Unfortunately for Bynum, the officials ruled it was actually an incomplete pass from Jared Goff.

Unfortunately for Bynum, the officials ruled it was actually an incomplete pass from Jared Goff.

The safety, a fourth-round draft pick in 2021, had a similar celebration after catching a Brock Purdy pass against the 49ers in October.

The Seahawks had no such vacation on Sunday when Titans running back Derrick Henry. showed off the agility and poise of a seasoned quarterback as he threw the ball for a touchdown.

With Tennessee tied 0-0 against the Seattle Seahawks early in the second quarter, Henry seemed poised to make one of his signature runs.

But the 6-foot-3, 247-pound running back picked up the ball, took a few steps to his right and prepared to throw.

Catching the Seahawks defense off guard, Henry threw a perfect pass through them toward the end zone.