‘Christmas is RUINED’: Furious families blast their ‘rancid’ superstore turkeys after finding them ‘slimy’, ‘rotten’ and inedible

Furious shoppers have descended on supermarkets after discovering their turkeys were “rotten” hours before Christmas.

Shoppers have shared photos of their rancid turkeys from Asda, Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

They frantically visited supermarkets on X, formerly known as Twitter, with many saying they checked their fridges in preparation for the big day only to find a staple of their festive meal had become “slimy” and “rancid”.

One user wrote: “Asda, Christmas is officially ruined. I bought it before, but it was rotten. It smells absolutely disgusting.

“It’s shocking how you can sell something that’s spoiled and then leave people wondering where they’re going to eat another turkey with limited time to spare.”

One user attacked Asda and claimed their turkey was

One user attacked Asda and claimed their turkey was “rotten”.

They then shared two photos of their holiday cut of meat, which had gray stains on it.

The expiration date was until Boxing Day, however they tweeted last night and got it at a reduced price of £15.81 instead of £23.60.

Another user wrote: “@AldiUK Love my Indian crown which rotted two days before I used it.”

They paid £13.60 for a turkey crown that expired on December 26th.

Another Aldi customer wrote: “@AldiUK Christmas ruined thanks for the rotten turkey.

“Research tells me that fresh raw turkey only lasts two days, so why are you selling it on the 19th and the expiration date is the 28th?

“Looks like we’ll have chicken for Christmas.”

A Tesco shopper bought a £53 turkey from his local store a couple of days ago and complained to the retail giant that it was “rotten”.

They commented: “This is kind of a blow. I bought a ‘fresh’ turkey from my local Tesco a couple of days ago.

“Just unwrapped it to get everything ready for tomorrow and it smells terrible. The meat is rotten. So… Christmas dinner? Things won’t be as we might have hoped.

Another person lodged a complaint with Sainsbury’s after discovering their turkey was “rotten”.

They said: “I just went to cook the turkey for tomorrow and it’s rotten!!! All hail Sainsbury’s.

A second Sainsbury’s customer also came onto the platform and said: “Just checked my turkey which I brought in on the 20th (from the 27th!) and it’s rancid and slippery!” I almost vomited from the smell! Absolutely disgusting!

Other users criticized supermarkets on X and accused them of ruining their Christmas.

Other users criticized supermarkets on X and accused them of ruining their Christmas.

The supermarket recently came under fire after a technical issue prevented people from redeeming their Nectar points for Christmas shopping.

Shoppers have criticized Sainsbury’s on social media, with some saying the problem has “ruined their Christmas budget”.

Nectar is Sainsbury’s store loyalty program and signing up means you can earn points every time you shop.

Many customers save Nectar points year-round to spend on holiday food, such as jars of chocolates, turkey, and even gifts for others.

Several customers said they were unable to claim hundreds of pounds worth of points, leaving them out of pocket.

One user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Due to a bug in your system, £90 of nectar points were NOT redeemed and you charged my entire Christmas shop to my debit card this morning.”

Another wrote: “Thank you Sainsbury’s for ruining my Christmas budget.” I redeemed £185 in nectar points to pay for my Christmas shop but they weren’t credited.

“Nectar has spoken to Sainsbury’s who have issued the vouchers but cannot use more than £99.99 on orders. So now we need to find an extra £100 in cash.”

MailOnline has contacted Asda, Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for comment.